Leftist groups Gabriela and Bayan Muna lead the race for party-list seats in Congress, with each getting 6 percent of the vote in the latest Manila Standard Poll.

The nationwide survey, which asked 2,500 registered voters to cast ballots for their presidential, vice presidential and senatorial choices, was conducted from March 21 to 23, and had a margin of error of two percentage points.

For the first time since it was conducted in December, the poll also asked respondents to cast votes for their party-list choices, said Pedro Laylo Jr., resident pollster at Manila Standard.

Only 16 party-list groups out of a total of 187 that had submitted nominees made it, garnering at least 2 percent of the total votes cast for party-list groups.

Those that garnered at least 2 percent were AKB, An Waray and Akbayan with 4 percent each; A Teacher, Anakpawis, Senior Citizens, Buhay and Kabataan with 3 percent each; and Apec, 1 Ang Pamilya, Kalinga, Abono, Anak and Coop-Natcco with 2 percent each.

Controversy continues to surround party-list representation, with militant groups accusing allies of President Arroyo, including her son, Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo, and former Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes, of abusing the system by representing minority groups to which they do not belong, and in an attempt to stack the House of Representatives with friendly congressmen.

The party-list that nominated Reyes, 1 Utak, obtained only 1 percent in the survey, while Ang Galing Pinoy, the group that Rep. Arroyo is representing did not make it to the poll.

As in previous surveys, there were 300 respondents from Metro Manila, 550 from North and Central Luzon, 540 from South Luzon and the Bicol Region, 510 in the Visayas, and 600 in Mindanao in a breakdown that reflects the latest proportion of registered voters.

Registered voters were asked their intention to vote, and only those who said they definitely would vote in May were asked to accomplish a ballot and shade the oval space corresponding to their choices. After that, their ballot was dropped into a box in a manner that simulates what will happen during the actual computerized elections in May 10.

Table Leftists lead party-list race in new poll 0310-RP

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