December 29, 2009

MAYOR Alfredo Lim and Vice Mayor Isko Moreno have a clear incumbency advantage in next year’s local elections in Manila, a survey of 500 registered voters commissioned by Standard Today shows.

The face-to-face survey, conducted Dec. 9 to 13, saw Lim getting 60 percent of the votes followed by former Manila Mayor Joselito Atienza with 24 percent, said Pedro Laylo, Standard Today’s resident pollster.

Former National Police Chief Avelino Razon Jr. took 10 percent of the votes while Maria Theresa Hizon got 2 percent. Only 4 percent were undecided.

The city-wide survey has a margin of error of 4 percentage points. Polls in the individual districts have a higher margin of error.

The First District gave Lim the highest percentage of votes at 70 percent. Atienza’s best showing was in the Fifth District, where he received 32 percent.

The number of undecided was highest in the Sixth District.

Among those who said they would vote for Lim, 67 percent said they would not change their minds. Among Atienza voters, 57 percent were steadfast voters. Among Razon voters, 47 percent said they would not shift.

Most voters for Lim said they liked his ability to fight crime and his accomplishments as city mayor.

Those voting for Atienza cited his experience and accomplishments as mayor and the perception of his being pro-poor. Razon voters wanted to try his kind of leadership and mentioned his crime-fighting abilities.

The Standard poll also inquired which candidates best exemplified specific characteristics. Lim overwhelmingly is perceived as the candidate who can resolve the drug addiction problem and fight criminality. Atienza is perceived as the candidate who has the best program to beautify and maintain the surroundings in the city.

In the vice-mayoral race, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is the hands-down favorite with 94 percent of the votes. Only 6 percent say they are still undecided in the vice mayoral race.

Tables MST Mla Poll 12-09 122909

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